“Amitose™ MGA” won the second prize of BSB Innovation Award.

"Amitose™ MGA" won the 2nd prize of BSB Innovation Award in "Cosmetics/ Raw materials/ Actives" - Anti-Acne, Pores, acne-prone skin category.

Product name

Amitose™ MGA

Product information

Amitose™ MGA is one of iVC which is our original vitamin C derivative brand. Amitose™ MGA, Pore minimizer, is a novel stable vitamin C derivative. This product specializes in the pore care thanks to its antibacterial activity against C.acne, reduce the excessive sebum by 5α-reductase inhibitory efficacy and prevent the generation of free fatty acid from sebum by lipase inhibitory efficacy.

Since its unique concept of pore minimizing effects were recognized, it was awarded 2nd prize for BSB Innovation Award "Cosmetics/ Raw materials/ Actives" - Anti-acne, pores acne-prone skin category.

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INCI name

Myristyl 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate, Butylene Glycol

About BSB innovation award

The BSB European Innovation Award with the 21-year history, are given to cosmetic ingredients and finished products selected by BSB, a cosmetic consulting firm in Germany. SEIWA KASEI had received the award Amitose R-PD in 2018 and iVC Amitose DGA in 2021, Promois WJ-SP in 2022.