Anti-aging collagen

HAZUMI-HADA is a collagen-derived ingredient which keeps skin elasticity.

“HAZUMI-HADA” means plump skin in Japanese. It is developed from upcycled fish scale which is usually discarded. Main component of fish scale is collagen, and HAZUMI-HADA increases the production of collagen. Moreover, it was confirmed that combined use with vitamin C derivative also improves collagen production ability.

“Bounce back aging skin” Anti-aging collagen leads to plump skin.

HAZUMI-HADA increases production of both type Ι and type Ш collagen. As a result, that improves collagen density of the dermis and gives elasticity to the skin.


We tested collagen production effect of HAZUMI-HADA.
Panelists applied skin gel containing HAZUMI-HADA twice in a day on the face for 6 weeks and their collagen density of dermis was measured.

Product Name INCI name
HAZUMI-HADA Potassium Cocoylhydrolyzed Collagen,