Amitose R

Amino acid derivative

Amitose R is a premium moisturizer produced by binding moisturizer “glycerin” to amino acid “arginine” using our own original technology.

The excellent absorption property derived from the arginine structure and high moisturizing effect derived from the glycerin structure offers long-lasting moistness. Amitose R is stable and has various effects, so it can be applied to wide range of cosmetic formulations from hair care to skin care products.

For moisture skin care without stickiness

Amitose R remains on the skin even after washing out because it adsorbs to the skin firmly. You can get less friction after washing and long-lasting moistness if you apply Amitose R to wash-off cosmetics.


We tested inhibiting effect of stickiness by using skin lotion with Amitose R.
Panelists evaluated the sensory-texture of skin treated by skin toners with 8% glycerin and Amitose R or not. 2 point was given to a better evaluation item, or 1 point to each items when they feel same sensory texture. The graph shows the sum of total points.

For moisture hair care without dryness

Amitose R remains on the hair even after washing out because it adsorbs to the hair firmly. It is suitable for shampoo and keeps long-lasting hair moistness.


We tested whether Amitose R remains even after washing.
Damaged hair was soaked in Amitose R and washed with running water and dried with towels and a drier. After that, hair was observed by TOF-SIMS.

For moisture scalp care

Amitose R leaves on the scalp even after washing out because it adsorbs to the scalp firmly. It keeps scalp moisture, which tends to become dry condition by washing agent.


We tested Amitose R scalp care effect.
Panelists used shampoo with Amitose R for 4 weeks and their scalp condition was observed.

Regulates skin flora; Aminoflora

Amitose R approaches the improvement of skin flora by selectively increasing the bacteria that are essential for beautiful skin, rather than by sterilizing or antibacterial effects on the indigenous skin bacteria that make up the skin flora.


Verification of the capitalization of Amitose R in relation to the growth of indigenous bacteria. Amitose R or glycerin was added to the culture medium and the growth of the bacteria was observed.

Product Name INCI name
Amitose R Dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCl,
Amitose R-PD*

*Amitose R-PD is a preservative-free type.