Poster session at IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama.

Our researchers will make a presentation by poster at IFSCC Congress 2020 schedule to take place on website, 21 – 30 October, 2020.
Please take part in IFSCC online and check our presentation !

Conference & Exhibition information

Schedule: 21 – 30 October, 2020
Place: Online

Poster session information

Title: "Establishment of a skin inflammation model induced by exposure to multiple environmental stimuli and the anti-inflammatory effect of 3-O-laurylglyceryl ascorbate"
Category: Environmental factors
Poster No.: Poster-122


Title: "3-O-Glyceryl 2-O-hexyl ascorbic acid prevents the initiation and maintenance of skin pigmentation triggered by advanced glycation end-products in keratinocytes"
Category: Melanogenesis
Poster No.: Poster-28


Title: "Re-hydrophobicization of hair with the botanical hair conditioning ingredient that mimics the surface structure of hair"
Category: Hair biology
Poster No.: Poster-100


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